4/28/13- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Wednesday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 29. April 2013 09:33

10 Ways to Stay Motivated for Weight Loss- Part 1:


The buzz from the New Years Eve Resolution excitement has well past worn out.  Now what’s going to work to keep you psyched and on track.  Here are some ideas to keep you striving for achieving your body shape ideas.

  1. Make a commitment to the process (even go so far as creating a contract with a clear goal, and sign it, post it, where you see it).
  2. Don’t wait for the right time to start like after holiday or vacation, or if you fall off the wagon don’t bag your process by giving yourself a free pass for an extended period because, well, you already screwed up. It will only take you longer to get back.
  3. Make a plan based on financial, and time constraints, and what your goal is.
  4. Get into the right mindset on why you’re doing this (good health, bathing suit season, to be able to run a marathon, an impending wedding date…).
  5. Be realistic about what time frame your goal can be accomplished.  Be kind to yourself.  Realize that you may have variables such as family demands or travel for work that make clean eating and exercising more of a challenge.
  6. Tomorrow we will finish our list of ideas on how to remain excited about positive changes for weight loss.


Wedesday- 4/28/10 Workout Diary:


the wave machine - 30 minutes, 5.30 miles

strength train- legs ( gym)

leg press-100lb/120/120

leg extention- 50 lb

leg curl-50 lb

rotary calf-40 lb

rear kick- 45lb

smith machine squats- 10 lb

 Wedesday- 4/28/10 Food Diary:


Grapefruit (40 cal)

French toast made with whole wheat (90 cal)

1 tbls organic almond butter (95 cal)

A.M. Snack-

Protein shake (151 cal)

Lunch -

4 oz shrimp (110 cal)

salad-2 cups organic spinach, 1 tbls sunflower seeds (roasted/no salt), 1/2 cup brocolli, 4 asparagus, 1/2 cup steamed purple cabbage, 1/2 cup brocolli slaw   ( 70 cal)

P.M. Snack-

1 greek yogurt, 1/2 cup blackberries/blueberries ( 120 cal)


4 oz tuna steak (236 cal)

1/2 cup lentils (120 cal)

1/2 cup brocolli (26 cal)

1/4 cup sweet potato fries ( 60 cal)

1/2 cup wild rice (210 cal)


ice cream (120 cal)

apple (67 cal)






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