Why do I need a bridge

by Dr. James Springer 9. August 2013 13:46

Your appearance, dental health and the proper functioning of your mouth are all important reasons for wearing a bridge.  A bridge helps maintain the natural shape of your  face and may help support your lips and cheeks.  The loss of a back tooth may cause your mouth to sink and your face to look older.


More importantly, though, your dental health may suffer when teeth are not replaced.  Teeth are designed to complement each other.  When a tooth is lost, the nearby teeth in the opposite jaw may move up or down toward the space.  This places unusual stress on both the teeth and tussues in your mouth.

In addition, the gum tissue and the bone that holds teeth in place can break down, increasing the risk of gum disease.  Teeth that have tipped are difficult to clean, making themmore likely to decay.  As a result, even more teeth may be lost.

Missing teeth can also affect the way you chew and speak.  Chewing on only one side may cause stress to your mouth and cause Temporal Mandibuler Joint disorder.  This can further lead to headaches,  eating disorders and rapid oral health deterioration.  You also need your teeth to speak properly, since thay help you make the many sounds needed in speech.

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