05/18/15- Paula's Healthy Living Eating/Exercise Journal: Friday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 19. May 2015 19:05

Weight loss through dieting alone is not easy. There are pitfalls at every turn. The best way to ensure that your program reaches the goals that you seek, you MUST combine clean eating and exercise. There are issues to be aware of that help keep you on track:

1.    Don't eat off your kids plates. These calories stack up, and many people forget to calculate them when figuring out what your daily total calculations are. The other issue to that kids food is often higher in fat than clean foods.

2.    Drink enough water. It helps you keep hydrated, feel full and keeps your skin glowing.

3.    Never under estimate the calories in drinks! Sweetened tea is not the same as unsweetened tea. Coke has the approximate amount of 10 heaping teaspoons of sugar. Alcoholic drinks like cosmopolitans, margarita's and daiquiri's are high in calories.

4.    Take some fresh veggies, hummus and homemade pita chips, to parties instead of munching on the salted nuts and cupcakes.

5.    You don't have to clean your plate (this one is tough for me). Have them take a portion off of your plate at a restaurant before they deliver your meal, or ask for a to-go-box when they deliver it. If it's not on your plate, then you won't be tempted to finish it.

6.    Get your family and friends involved with your plans, so that you have support for your clean eating plan.

7.    Keep your alcohol intake-moderate. Excessive alcohol makes chicken wings seem more delightful, and adds on calories and often sugar.

8.    Get enough sleep.  A lack of sleep raises your cortisol levels which leads to belly-fat.

9.    Find, no, take time to be quiet with yourself.  Meditation is very hard for me, but that doesn’t negate it’s importance or benefits.  

If you fall off the wagon, don't use that as an excuse to dump the whole process. Jump back into the plan the next opportunity you have. Be your own-best cheer leader. 


Friday 05/18/12- Workout Diary:

Yoga DVD- 40 min

Pure Barre class- 55 minutes

Friday 05/18/12- Food Diary:


Organic steel cut oats(150 cal.)

1/8 cup blackberries, blueberries (30 cal)

protein shake with 1/2 cup pasturized egg whites (190 cal)

A.M. Snack-

Banana, 2 tbls organic almond butter (240 cal)

Lunch- restaurant

flatbread pineapple/spinach pizza (270 cal)

P.M. Snack-

1 apple (57 cal)

2 oz low-fat goat cheese (140 cal)


4 oz chillean sea bass (360 cal)

1 cup spagetti squash, spritz with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, tomato, shredded parmesian, italian spices (65 cal)

1 cup wilted spinach, garlic, EVOO, white wine vinegar (105 cal)

1 glass of merlot (100 cal)


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